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We at A Greener View Gardens know that an early start in the garden is a great thing for any child, no matter how large your garden. Its how we started and the passion has never left, but wouldn't it have been great to have access to such awesome tools specifically designed for young people such as our range of Twigz garden tools.

The Twigz range of gardening equipment is ergonomically designed for children to use in the garden and function the same way adult tools work. In fact many adults use the tools in smaller gardens such as balconies !

Why not have your children join the 'twigz lil green thumb kids club' so they can get access to some great gardening information. 

Twigz starter gardening tools
My First Gardening Tools

$29.95 inc GST

The perfect gift set of Twigz products for the little green thumb. A Twigz set of 3 hand tools,...

buckets in a range of colours
twigz Bucket

$9.95 inc GST

Twigz children's gardening buckets are a strong steel construction with a riveted swivel handle....

Twigz Butterfly Net
twigz Butterfly Net

$14.50 inc GST

This fantastic butterfly net will have you catching butterflies and other flying things in your...

twigz complete gardening tool set
twigz Complete Garden kit

$155.00 inc GST
Normally $165.00 inc GST

All the great Twigz garden tools including a set of gloves watering can bucket long and short...

childrens gardening gloves
twigz Garden Gloves

$4.50 inc GST

Twigz children's Gardening Gloves are designed for children to have the flexibility in the garden....

childrens gardening hand tools
twigz Hand Tool set

$14.50 inc GST

This set of 3 hand tools have been specifically designed by Twigz for ages 3+ they are durable one...

long handled childrens gardening tools
twigz Long Handled Tools set

$66.00 inc GST

This set of 4 long tools is developed for ages 5+ as they are a little big for the younger...

Twigz MIni Greenhouse
twigz Mini Greenhouse

$9.95 inc GST

This is a great mini green house that comes with 30 biodegradable peat pots. You can germinate 10...

Twigz Plant Labels
twigz Plant Labels

$4.50 inc GST

Perfect for marking out those new seedlings in the vege patch so you know where your kids have...

childrens watering cans in a range of colours
twigz Watering Can

$16.50 inc GST

Twigz watering cans come in three different colours (blue orange and green) all 1.5 Litre in volume ...

two wheeled wheelbarrow for children
twigz Wheelbarrow

$69.50 inc GST

Twigz wheel barrows are the first two wheeled wheel barrows on the market. The two wheels make it...

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