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Chefs Essentials in EzyGrow Planter - Black

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The EzyGrow Chefs Essentials package comes complete with up to 8 mature edible's from your chosen style Debco Premium potting mix and free home delivery.

Ever tried growing vegetables in your back yard and failed because you just didn't have the time to put into your garden? What about wanting to have somewhere to grow a few herbs but don't have the space on your balcony veranda or patio because you live in a unit or high rise building? Are you tired of bending over to garden? Interested in Container Gardens or growing in raised garden beds?

Then the ezyGrow Raised Garden Beds are for you! This new and innovative container gardening system is designed to help you to grow vegies herbs and flowers as easy as one ... two ... three. You can now grow in containers that look great! Your very own raised garden bed that will look great on your balcony.

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